Outdoor Wet Barre {Quickie}

This class is taught by:

Charlotte Richman

Charlotte loves all things fitness and health. Born and raised in uptown Hoboken, Charlotte was thrilled to see Local Barre make waves in the community when it first opened and has been attending classes for years. When the opportunity arose to become a Barretender, Charlotte couldn’t wait to get started. Growing up as a dancer, competitive swimmer and yogi, Charlotte has formed a deep connection with her body’s strength and flexibility and looks forward to sharing a Barre or Night Cap class with you. Some of Charlotte’s physical and athletic accomplishments include: a proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Hoboken for outstanding state-wide rankings in the 100 yard butterfly and 50 yard freestyle, High Tech High School Dance Department ‘Dancer of the Year’ Award (North Bergen, NJ), dancing professionally in New York and Los Angeles, the design, production and world-wide release of a fitness and mindset App called Fit, Flexible & Fabulous, and is 200-hour Hatha Yoga Certified from City Yoga in Los Angeles. As a graduate of University of Chicago with a double major in Linguistics and International Relations, Charlotte is enthusiastic about communication, business and travel, but health and movement still come first! She looks forward to meeting you in class soon!

Donielle Janora

What's your teaching style? It’s humorous, anatomically and musically driven! Form and flow is so important to me but if you can’t take everything so seriously..JUST BREATHE! Guilty Pleasure? Cookies…One of my nicknames is Cookie Monster What's your hidden talent? Knowing what is going to happen before it happens/reading people. I should have been a FBI agent! Who best channels your inner Diva RuPaul. I go straight to the source…. Favorite (Barre) Position? Reverse chair to hinge “HOT TUB” What's your mantra? “WORK HARD. PLAY HARD.” “NO COMPLAINING. WE ARE TRAINING.” I have so many more but these are 2 of my top. Why Barre? It is the perfect blend of dance elements with a fitness vibe. Proudest Moment? Giving birth to Piper
A mixture of barre exercises, yoga, weight training, HIIT and core strengthening techniques. Be prepared for a challenging amount of plank runs, lunges, kicks and pulses. Grab an extra towel and try out our newest, SWEATIEST class yet. Sneakers are required. This class runtime is 45 minutes.

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