Jennifer V

What's your teaching style? Energetic and creative Guilty Pleasure? Nocciolata (vegan Nutella ) What's your hidden talent? Planning fundraisers /events for Beagle Freedom Project Who best channels your inner Diva? Not who ....nothing like a little black dress, heels and red lips Favorite (Barre) Position? 1st position hip shakes What's your mantra? Travel as much as possible ! Or work hard play hard Why Barre? Because the shakes and burn are addicting Proudest Moment? Adopting Minnie and Rescuing Liberty (from animal testing ) and passing the principal exam

Jennifer V instructs the following:
  • Wet Barre (Cardio!) {Quickie}
  • A mixture of barre exercises, yoga, weight training, HIIT and core strengthening techniques. Be prepared for a challenging amount of plank runs, lunges, kicks and pulses. Grab an extra towel and try out our newest, SWEATIEST class yet. Sneakers are required. This class runtime is 45 minutes.