Letter from the Owner

Photo by Kathleen Kamphausen/cosmopolitan.com

Welcome to our blog! For those who don't know me, I’m Jen DeMarco, the co-founder and CEO of Local Barre--and Wheelhaus! My husband, Joe, and I opened the studio back in 2010 and we’ve taken great pride in watching our dream, sweat, and tears grow into the successful fitness brand that it is today. It will be five {five!} years since we’ve opened our first location and in that time we’ve marked too many accomplishments to name. But let's start with 2014.

Local Barre now employs more than 60 talented women (and men!) in various roles throughout our company. All of our Barretenders complete Director of Fitness Amber Hirsch’s rigorous 55-hour training program before they can pulse and burn with you. We continue to meet monthly to discuss class format, swap sequences, and craft our monthly #WeightedSeries. Stay tuned for Barretender #SignatureCocktails that will be infused in each class in the New Year.

Our retail is expanding! The demand for #LBgear has continued to grow and we simply cannot keep our Coobies and printed leggings in stock. We also retail cycling shoes in addition to the beloved Blake Brodies and grip socks.

We opened our third location in our mile square home town! They say that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. Well. We'd certainly like to think so! We also welcomed our third child, our beautiful daughter Willow! You wouldn't be the first to point out that each time we expand our business, my belly starts expanding too. Spoiler alert! We have vowed not to expand on either front in 2015.

So, where will we focus our attention in 2015? We’ll be dedicating our efforts to spoiling YOU!

Yet another spoiler alert, stay tuned to the blog for my post-pregnancy Wheelhaus experience as well as exciting new improvements to our cycling program! Any Wheelhaus virgins wondering how hard could it possibly be to sit there and pedal for an hour? Umm...if you haven't been, I'd like you to try for yourself before I say too much! :)