When’s the last time you earned points for hitting the barre?!


Introducing, Perkville, where you can earn rewards every time you get that high without the hangover! Actually, you’ve been earning points for bottoming up at the barre since early 2013!


Here’s what you need to know:


1. MBO teamed up with a site called “Perkville” so that every time you sign up for a Wheelhaus or Local Barre class through MBO, you automatically accumulate points. Thanks, MBO! The MBO and Perkville sites work collaboratively to keep track of the points you earn.


2. Log into Perkville to sync it with the MBO site. In order for the sites to connect properly, you must use the same email address you use for MBO for Perkville. Be patient! It may take up to 48 hours for the two sites to be completely aligned.

Want to know how many points you’ve accumulated and how to get more? Go to Perkville.com > select Join > sign up using the same email address that you use for MBO > choose the “My Points” tab and start collecting!


3. Everyone loves an upgrade. The points you earned so far were based on the “old” point system. As of 3/26/14, the rewards are even bigger and extend beyond just attending class.


New Point System (post 3/26/14)

  • Every class attended = 25 points

  • Every tweet or Facebook post (must be made through Perkville!*) = 25 points

  • Live another year = 50 birthday points

  • Refer a friend** = 200 points per friend referral

  • *Clients should log into www.perkville.com to post on Social Media. You have one opportunity a day to post after attending a class. It could take up to 48 hours for the points to be added to your Perkville account.

  • **For referrals, your friend must be referred through perkville.com. Points won’t be earned until the referred client takes a class.

  • Old Point System (in effect early 2013 – 3/25/14)

  • Every class attended = 20 points

  • Birthday = 30 points

  • Refer a friend = 20 points


4. You began earning points when MBO officially collaborated with Perkville in early 2013. You did not need to be signed up for Perkville to accumulate points. Once the two sites are synced, the points will appear in your Perkville account.


5. Now, onto the fun part! REWARDS!

  • 750 points = 1 free class

  • 1,500 points = 1 Private Lesson

  • 2,000 points = 1 Private Lesson with a Friend


6. Questions? Check out these Perkville FAQs, or for help troubleshooting email Perkville customer service–they’re ready to help!