Local Barre's® May Love Story

May Local Bare Love StoryLooking back on my college years, there was a whole lot of eating, drinking, and bar-hopping… and not enough exercise! Everything quickly caught up to me – I was so embarrassed about my weight. I realized that I had to make a lifestyle change. I joined the gym and started going 4-5 times a week, and made healthy eating a priority. As I became more motivated and confident, my anxiety level dropped. I started spinning frequently, but found that I was plateauing with an all cardio approach. I knew I needed to mix up my workout routine!

Local Barre has been the perfect complement to my spin classes and it's truly changed my body for the better. With moves that are challenging yet modifiable depending on your experience level, the classes have improved my posture and my strength-both body & mind! I dread the scale and never step foot on it; I judge my progress by the way my clothes fit.

Since I have incorporated barre classes into my routine, my body has become much more toned all over and I’ve dropped from a 12 to an 8… sometimes a 6! Not only can I hold a plank now for more than 60 seconds, but I feel the best I’ve ever felt both inside & out. The Local Barre atmosphere is soothing and morning barre class is the perfect opportunity to clear my head before a long day at the office. I leave Local Barre feeling amazing and ready to seize the day!

- Jennifer in Hoboken