April #LBItGirl, Arielle!

On tap this month, dancer/choreographer/sculptor/painter (uhm, wow!) and our April #LBItGirl, the uber-talented Arielle.


You can catch her behind the barre as well as behind the Wheel, and trust us, if you haven't tried Arielle's HIIT class, do so immediately. Your future summer body self will thank you...profusely. 

When you're not getting pulses racing at the Wheelhaus Bikegarten and the Local Barre, what do you get up to? 
Outside of Barre I am a choreographer with my own dance company, Zella Dance, based here in Hoboken. I also am an avid sculptor and painter.

What's on the menu? Total carnivore? Nothing with a face? Raw til 4? Give us the scoop! 
Not only am I 100% Italian (carbs are my best friends), but I was such a picky eater growing up that I survived only on processed junk food which only got worse when I was in college. Thankfully, being a dance major saved my body from any substantial trauma. Once I graduated I did a complete 180 and became very health conscious. I did the juice cleanses, I tried raw, I tried vegan, I tried paleo. Ultimately it all felt so restrictive, and without pasta and french fries life felt a little sad. Now I would categorize myself as someone who knows all the rules, and can choose which ones work for me. I incorporate protein into every meal I eat. Lots of Greek yogurt, eggs, and chicken. For me, eating my big meal of the day for lunch works best because I need the energy to teach all night, and then I can come home and eat something light and healthy afterward and feel good before I go to bed.

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Local Barre #BossLady on Lady Savant!



Join us for the Lady Savant LAUNCH PARTY on Thursday, April 9th, 2015 at 7:30 pm, Local Barre West Studio in the Monroe Center, Hoboken!!

Come enjoy a few drinks, food and of course, help us celebrate the launch of our new magazine - Lady Savant: The Little Black Book for the Savvy Mom!

Meet other local business owners - do some networking - and find out more info on our SUMMER edition to be released in June.

Share the invite attached and reply to RSVP to at: ladysavanthoboken@gmail.com


From the Barre to the Boulevard: Amanda Edition


If you experienced "ice" {the non weather kind} this winter or are saying "I do" this spring/summer, you are well aware wedding season is coming on strong.

Let us help you relieve that stress with some sweat sessions. Amongst Local Barre's normal class offerings, we have special packages for brides-to-be of every kind. Included with each package is this cheeky and truthful tank worn by our March "It Girl" Amanda. Pair it with heather grey leggings which are a perfect stretchy staple and a striped coobi bra while you get it tight in style!

All pieces available at Local Barre retail.


Photos by Tiffany Pinero

Tiffany describes herself as being style obsessed, having an affinity for all things shiny and out her budget, and living for a good dance off and Beyoncé. She is a fashion stylist based in Hoboken, NJ catering to personal wardrobe and business clients throughout the tri-state area. You can find out more about her and her styling company at TiffanyPineroStyle.com


NEW!! Downtown Only Membership!


Yes, you read that right! Local Barre is now offering a downtown only membership! Reduced schedule = reduced price!

Choose between:

  • 3 Month Membership - $499 upfront

  • Annual Membership   - $149 per month

Purchase your membership here.


You've got a baby... in a barre.


Local Barre and Wheelhaus are looking for a Monkey Barre Nanny that's available week day mornings. This is a paid position and includes an Unlimited Barre + Wheel Membership

We are looking for a responsible adult who loves kids!

Monkey Barre hours are:
830am 5 days a week at West location
930am 1 -2 days a week at the Uptown location.

Interested? We'd love to hear from you! Apply here -->http://bit.ly/1CA0O4B or email info@localbarre.com for more info.


Bring on the Bling! Stella & Dot Spring Trunk Show



Barre Inspiration




















Our March #LBItGirl Amanda!

Wondering about the secret, behind-the-scenes lives of your favorite Barretenders and Wheel instructors? We interviewed all our stars and starlets. Stay tuned right here each month for the skinny.


This month's It-Girl is no stranger to the spotlight. If you've never taken one of her morning Open Barre classes, you may recognize her Local-Barre-toned abs from R. Kelly's "Cookie" video. Oh! She also recently made headlines on Buzzfeed's "26 Amazing News Images."

Keep your eyes peeled this summer for Amanda on the big screen. In the meantime, here are ten things we bet you didn't know about this insanely sexy and talented Barretender. 

Girrrl, tell us what you're eating. Health enthusiast?  
Lol, not so much. I love to eat everything (including lots of junk food/snacks), so it's a good thing I found a love for fitness through Local Barre.

Where do we even begin? Your resume is AMAZE. Tell us more. 
I'm an NBA Dancer, as well as a working Dancer/Fitness Model with credits that include: America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Undercover Boss, Finish Line, Dance Spirit Magazine, and most recently, a holiday commercial for Pepsi. I also was the leading lady in R. Kelly’s “Cookie” music video and landed a role as a dancer in the movie Trainwreck, which was directed by Judd Apatow and set to debut summer of 2015.


What’s the secret to your success?

Growing up 1 of 7 siblings with a mother who typically worked the overnight shift and many doubles as a nurse. I believe finding my independence and individuality was key to my success. Watching her support such a big family and not once ever complaining, I knew I would need work hard, stay humble, and always keep my eye on the prize.  

One hard and fast rule you live by. Go!
Always take chances and live with no regrets!


Who inspires you? 

My grandfather (R.I.P.). He was a diligent engineer who came to this country striving for the American dream for himself as well as his family. During my childhood, I attended the School of American Ballet (the training school for the New York City Ballet), where I would commute into the city 6 days a week. There were many days I was tired or just wanted to be your average kid and hangout after school instead of commuting to take class, but no matter what, my grandfather made sure I would never miss a day! He would personally drive or escort me on the train, during which he would ensure my homework was always completed or offer assistance if needed. He taught me the importance of time management as well as setting priorities. I do not believe I would be where I am today without his inspiration.

You’re splurging...what’s your weakness?
Shoes, I have a serious obsession with all kinds, sneakers, heels, boots, wedges, flats, sandals, etc! I love them all!

Tell us a secret.

I was class President in High School and thought I wanted to be a lawyer (haha) little did I know my true calling would be fitness and dance which I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Bucket list? 
Zip-line through the rainforest and to cage dive with sharks.

Celeb dinner party: who’s there?
Paul Walker (he’s soooo hot, rest his sweet soul) and Jennifer Lopez, she seriously does it all while still looking fabulous.

Your last meal: what’s on the menu?
Caesar salad with fresh grated parmesan, bruschetta with tomato and basil on a baguette, Penne alla vodka with chicken and prosciutto, topped off with a large class of Pinot Grigio. And for dessert, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting!