January It Girl, Meg A, Styling Session With Tiffany Pinero

True we hit the barre so when the time calls to show off our shape or even some skin, we can look and feel good. It's only fitting that when winter reveals its true colors, one retaliates with the coziest sweater they can find. Our barre babe Megan with her made for the stage smile is the perfect candidate to show an interesting way of juxtaposing a bit of warm and snuggly with a large dose of glam.

The frill and thrill of a fabulous tulle skirt is hard to resist. Pairing it with this cozy gray sweater, and smart looking flats is a more sophisticated way to wear this fanciful style. Lastly adding in lots of dainty accessories is the final touch to make a look like this totally your own! And all of these chic pieces are from our friends at Mint Market on 1st Street. Definitely stop by if you're in the mood for romance, no love prospects required. They have feminine florals, sexy leather designs and an awesome curation of unique accessories.

Photos taken at Green Pear cafe 93 Grand Street, Hoboken, where both brownies were harmed in the making of this shoot ;)


On tap this month is our January #LBItGIRL, Meg A!

On tap this month is our January #LBItGIRL, Meg A!


Tell us what you do outside of Barre?

I perform in musicals and I’m always auditioning and learning more to hone my craft.  My most recent show was this past fall at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia.  It was an incredible experience for which I am very grateful.  I played the Grace Kelly role in the musical "High Society".

Was there an interesting path that led you to teaching at Barre?

My journey with Barre started out in Las Vegas when I was doing "Jersey Boys" there.  I loved it immediately and began teaching at the local studio.  

Health enthusiast? Tell us about your diet...vegan? raw? raw til 4? recipes? favorite seasonal dish or smoothie?

I'm all about everything in moderation.  My husband and I love using Blue Apron because the portions are set for you.  I also enjoy reading everything Kris Carr writes about juicing and diet.

RESIZED LB-Nov-Dec-31_treated

What’s on your “get amped” playlist?

Definitely Michael Jackson and 90's Hip Hop!

All time favorite movie quote?

Just about anything from "Mean Girls".

Tell us a secret.

I was my High School's Valedictorian. To this day I love learning and have a weakness for buying school supplies.  This may not be surprising as I almost always have my little notebook and highlighter with me when I teach.  

You’re splurging...what’s your weakness?

Pizza.  Pasta.  Chocolate Chip cookies.

One thing on your bucket list.

I tend to shy away from bucket lists because I like to stay open to all opportunities.  What if maybe something isn't on there that comes up and is even better than I would have imagined?  Don't get me wrong, though, I love making lists. :-)

High school: love or hate?

Loved.  I went to a smaller high school so I was able to do a lot of different activities and discover what truly interested me.  I played the trumpet in the marching band.  I was a cheerleader.  I ran track and did the musicals and plays.  I was also in Math League.  :-)

Celebrity dinner party: who’s there?  

Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Michael Jackson.  

Your last meal: what’s on the menu?

Buffalo Chicken Fingers.  Fries.  Ranch.