NEW! 3:30 Afternoon Open Barre at West!


On Wednesday, November 11th (this week!), we added a highly requested 3:30pm Open Barre! If you'd like for this to be a permanent class time, sign up! 

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Our November #LBItGirl, Meghan!

On tap this month is our November #LBItGirl, Meghan!


What do you do outside of barre?
I am a mom to two young boys (3 and 10 months), so that keeps me very busy! Spending time with my family and friends is the most important thing to me.

Was there an interesting path that led you to teaching at Barre? 

My love affair with barre started years ago when I lived in the city and was getting in shape for my wedding. When I moved to Hoboken I found Local Barre and came religiously, all throughout my first pregnancy and then after my first son was born, and it really got me back into shape and is the one thing that truly transformed my body, and I’ve tried it all!

Health enthusiast? Tell us about your diet...vegan? raw? raw til 4? recipes? favorite seasonal dish or smoothie?
I really eat anything and everything in moderation. I mostly eat healthy but depriving myself of things I want just doesn’t work for me. If I want that pizza and brownie I will have it...and then the next day I will probably have a salad and hit the barre :).



How did you handle epic failure? 
Teaching my first class was a bit of a disaster, I was so nervous! I learned to have confidence in myself and to focus on my strengths, and to never stop being a student.

Your go-to travel spot and why. 

Cape Cod. I’ve been going my whole life and it’s my favorite place on Earth. When I drive over the bridge I am instantly relaxed.

What’s been essential to your success?
Always being willing to learn and improve, asking for constructive criticism, and not being afraid of hard work.

All time favorite movie quote?

How do you like them apples?


From whom do you draw inspiration?
I am constantly inspired by our clients and my colleagues. Moms, wives, career matter how busy these ladies are or what obstacles they’ve had to overcome to get here, they not only show up for class but they absolutely kill it! I am always touched when they share their stories with me. 


That song on your iPod you don’t want anyone to know you have.
A lot of 90’s boy bands. 98 Degrees anyone?

You’re splurging...what’s your weakness?  
I love to shop! I love clothes. It’s an issue. But what I probably spend the most money on these days is wine...I should really invest in a winery.


One thing on your bucket list. 
I just want to travel!

Celebrity dinner party: who’s there? 
I have a lot of people on this list! Definitely Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. They are strong, hilarious, down-to-earth women who aren’t afraid to be themselves (and who doesn’t love a good laugh??). And also Matt Damon and Ben Affleck...I’m a Boston girl!


Stay Strong Matthew! Open Barre Donation Class


Our Local Barre family is coming together to raise funds and support for the Bolger family.

We are in shock. A few weekends ago our Assistant Manager, Stephanie Bolger and her family began living a nightmare. Her brother Matthew was severely injured and is working hard to recover. Tomorrow's, November 3rd Uptown 9:45am class will be dedicated to raising funds for Matthew's long road to recovery. Please consider making a contribution or attending the special class.

To join this class, go to Local Barre's Uptown schedule page and choose a donation amount.

If you'd like to donate without taking the class, visit Matthew's Go Fund Me page. Your support means the world to us and our girl Stephanie.

The Local Barre Family


Goal Digger Challenge + Unlimited Thanksgiving Pass


Binge at the barre before you stuff your face.

The Deal
Unlimited Thanksgiving Studio Pass for $169. Unlimited barre classes from November 1st - 25th.

The Challenge
Take 14 classes from 11/1 through Thanksgiving day.
Complete the challenge and your reward will be a “Goal Digger” tank!

Purchase the Goal Digger Special!

Fine print
Unlimited pass is from 11/1-11/25
Deal purchase not necessary for challenge entry.
Email to enter challenge without purchase. 

From the Barre to the Boulevard: Kim Edition


We're closing out another amazing month, with another amazing "It-Girl". Kim rocked October from the bike to the barre. When she hit the streets in these styles though, she was definitely turning heads! It was all about creating petite-friendly looks for Kim's small frame while also tapping into the hottest Fall trends.


Even if your vision isn't 20/20 you would be remiss not to notice that plaids and checks are the season's print du jour. Adding one into your wardrobe feels completely festive and gives your autumn attire something special. However, when you are on the smaller side, if these prints are on the wrong cut of fabric, they can look overwhelming or even dowdy. Sinful if you ask me, especially for how hard this hot mommy of two works to keep her physique svelte and toned.


I found her the perfect buffalo check blanket sweater {by Bar III via Macy's} that fits in all the right places while still being a bit dramatic. The sleeves are the key factor here to keeping her proportion in check {no pun intended} and allowing this piece to be flouncy at the hem. 


This sweater was so versatile adding so much to a jeans, tee, and knee-high boots ensemble for day and perfectly framing a wine hued mini-dress for night. Isn't that what we all want from our wardrobe, pieces that do double duty just like this fab barre-tender ;)

Tiffany describes herself as being style obsessed, having an affinity for all things shiny and out her budget, and living for a good dance off and Beyoncé. She is a fashion stylist based in Hoboken, NJ catering to personal wardrobe and business clients throughout the tri-state area. You can find out more about her and her styling company at


Barre One, Get One!



Kitt Allan Pop Up Shop

Introducing Kitt Allan, an incredible new line of Lingerie and Sports Bras for Breast Cancer Survivors and women who support the cause. 

Meet Kitt and view the new sports bra line at one of her pop up shops at Local Barre!

Uptown Studio
Monday, October 26th
5:30 - 8pm
Downtown Studio
Tuesday, October 27th
4:30 - 7pm
West Studio
Saturday, October 31st
8 - 10am

SportsBra_front Kitt-Headshot SportsBra_back-2

Complimentary Lingerie Bag with any purchase.
10% of each sale goes to the Young Survival Coalition.


Surprise Sale Downtown


The Neverending Six Pack Challenge


Our October #LBItGirl, Kim!

On tap this month is our October #LBItGirl, Kim!



Was there an interesting path that led you to teaching at Barre? 
I was a displaced fitness instructor from Philadelphia looking for an amazing workout upon moving to Hoboken. I immediately found Barre/Wheel at Local Barre. It was all over after taking my first class ;).

Health enthusiast? Tell us about your diet...vegan? raw? raw til 4? recipes? favorite seasonal dish or smoothie?
I am a huge believer in “everything in moderation”. I practice this and have my private clients practice it as well. If you go overboard, don’t think of your day/diet/otherwise as “wasted” or “lost” - you can right your ship whenever you decide to get back on track! For smoothies: water//kale//protein powder//apple//orange//banana//bee pollen//flax seed//chia seeds. For salads: arugula//watermelon//grape tomatoes//red onion//feta cheese//white balsamic vinegrette homemade dressing.



Your go-to travel spot and why. 

The beach; my spirit is immediately lifted when near the ocean. 

What’s been essential to your success?
My drive and perseverance. Not being afraid to work hard and not being afraid to hear the word “no”.

All time favorite movie quote?

”I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Marlon Brando in The Godfather


That song on your iPod you don’t want anyone to know you have.
Girl You Know It’s True, by Milli Vanilli

You’re splurging...what’s your weakness?  
Wine. Cheese. I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like.


One thing on your bucket list. 

Celebrity dinner party: who’s there? 
Mae West, Eartha Kitt, Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Ava Gardner, and Ginger Rogers.

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