From the Barre to the Boulevard: Janelle Edition


Here comes the new season and with it all the styles we love! If you've been working hard at the barre and let's be real if you've taken a class taught by "It Girl" Janelle, then you're definitely working hard. Her tone has a sly way of making you think what you're about to do isn't that hard and then 30 seconds later you feel the burn. Tricky, tricky! But when you emerge with a perky booty and feel toned all over, who can complain? Your leather pants will be applauding you for your efforts. If you don't have a pair, get on it. They are a great alternative to jeans and hug in all the right places while adding a subtle edginess to all you pair them with.


I styled Janelle in the bottom of the season alongside a color combination that screams autumn. Olive + Aubergine {or really any family member on the red wine scale} are colors we don't see too much in the summer and styling them together for fall really makes a refreshing impact. This cardigan is fun with it's chunky knit and textured fringe. You can throw it over tons of tanks, dresses or even a leather croptop for fun ;) Booties with a nice, low, thick heel are essential. They tend to be more comfortable and can work with so many items in your wardrobe. If you already have a great neutral pair in your repertoire, I advise you to go with an eye-catching color like these by Ted Baker. You would be surprised how many looks they can go with!


Finally, finish things off with a great accessory that literally spells it out for you. This cheeky little clutch {by Kate Spade! Yes, Kate Spade finally made it's way to Hoboken!} can go with leather pants to a glam evening look, there are so many styling possibilities.


All these items are from neighborhood store Two Heathers! You can find their boutique at 331 Washington Street.

Tiffany describes herself as being style obsessed, having an affinity for all things shiny and out her budget, and living for a good dance off and Beyoncé. She is a fashion stylist based in Hoboken, NJ catering to personal wardrobe and business clients throughout the tri-state area. You can find out more about her and her styling company at


Our September #LBItGirl, Janelle!

On tap this month is our September #LBItGirl, Janelle!



Tell us about any exciting activities you do outside of Barre and Wheel?
Outside of barre I love hanging with family and friends. My family is the most important thing in my life!

Was there an interesting path that led you to teaching at Barre? 
I've always been in the fitness industry and have pretty much done every workout under the sun. The first time I took barre I was immediately obsessed.



Tell us about your diet. 

I eat anything and everything. I eat mostly healthy but don't hold myself back from "unhealthy" foods. It's all about portion control. 

Hard and fast rules you live by. 
Be kind to people because you never know what someone else is going through.

What's your splurging weakness?

Vodka. :) 


Celebrity dinner party: who's there?
Daniel Tosh. He's hysterical.  

What’s on your “get amped” playlist?  
Booyah by Showtech.


One tip for having the best Barre experience. 
Enjoy it, it's your workout and all about what you make of it!

Your last meal: what's on the menu? 
Geez, that's a scary question. I'm not sure but it would definitely have a martini involved!