From the Barre to the Boulevard: Jessica Edition


If you're looking for some mid-summer night's motivation, July's It Girl Jessica, is serving it straight up. Toned beyond words, her body hits the barre hard and it shows. So when you work out hard you need to play hard in the world of style. This is where some show-stopping beachwear has a moment. A white bathing suit from, wait for it, Target! This piece looks exquisite against the golden tones of her skin. Yet, the real gold tones come from the add ons. Taking a bikini and elevating to "a-look" are, a gorgeous sarong with sequin embellishment and gilded jewelry from local treasure chest Aaraa Accessories. This is a perfect ensemble for hanging at a beach bar or attending a pool party where dressed can meet undressed when the heat is on. Some like it hot and this look is scalding.



All that glute work in class is good for something when it comes time to showstop in shorts! A printed pair plus a textured top are the recipe for a heatwave. If you're ready to show the core, in an non-Britney circa 99 way, wearing a bandeau under a sheer piece like this is the perfect peek!



Tiffany describes herself as being style obsessed, having an affinity for all things shiny and out her budget, and living for a good dance off and Beyoncé. She is a fashion stylist based in Hoboken, NJ catering to personal wardrobe and business clients throughout the tri-state area. You can find out more about her and her styling company at


Our July #LBItGirl, Jessica Colberg!

On tap this month is our July #LBItGirl, Jessica!



Tell us about any exciting activities you do outside of Barre and Wheel?
On top of working at Local Barre, I'm a company member of Zella Dance and work as a Physical Therapist Aide part-time in my home town Sparta, New Jersey.

Was there an interesting path that led you to teaching at Barre? 
Well, Arielle and I are actually best friends from college. After we graduated with a B.F.A. from Rutgers in 2013, she began working here that summer and couldn't stop talking about how fun and intense the work out was. I started calling myself a Barretender a month later!



What’s been essential to your success?
Not to get cheesy...but my parents. They're my biggest support. When I was 8 years old, I was given the opportunity to dance on a full scholarship at the School of American Ballet. My dad would have to pull me out of school early so we could drive into the city. That's 3 hours round trip of driving for an hour and a half class, 5 days a week. He never complained once. I remember laughing until my cheeks and belly hurt from all the jokes and games we would play in the car. He would even put my hair in a bun until I got the hang of it and could do it on my own. Yes ladies, Dad's got skills. Haha!

An epic success and/or failure, and how you handled it. 
Dance has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. When I go to auditions in the city, I'm faced with rejection constantly. No matter what the obstacle is you're facing in life, don't stop just because someone says no. So before you go home, start building a blanket fort and decide to color all day because you "just can't adult" anymore that you've been put on a path to something even better!

Your go-to travel spot and why. 
San Juan, Puerto Rico! Both my parents are Puerto Rican and my family has a condo over there. The culture is beautiful and the hospitality from everyone on the island is so inviting.

What’s on your “get amped” playlist?  
Sweet Escape by Alesso. I'm getting more and more obsessed with EDM.



One tip for having the best Barre experience. 
Don't compare yourself to your neighbor in class, we're all at different levels! The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

You’re splurging...what’s your weakness?
Lululemon owns me. So. Much. Black. Spandex.

Your last meal: what’s on the menu?
Steel cut brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal, scrambled eggs with mozzarella, Greek yogurt with frozen berries and honey. I love breakfast foods. A lot.