Our November #LBItGirl, Meghan!

On tap this month is our November #LBItGirl, Meghan!


What do you do outside of barre?
I am a mom to two young boys (3 and 10 months), so that keeps me very busy! Spending time with my family and friends is the most important thing to me.

Was there an interesting path that led you to teaching at Barre? 

My love affair with barre started years ago when I lived in the city and was getting in shape for my wedding. When I moved to Hoboken I found Local Barre and came religiously, all throughout my first pregnancy and then after my first son was born, and it really got me back into shape and is the one thing that truly transformed my body, and I’ve tried it all!

Health enthusiast? Tell us about your diet...vegan? raw? raw til 4? recipes? favorite seasonal dish or smoothie?
I really eat anything and everything in moderation. I mostly eat healthy but depriving myself of things I want just doesn’t work for me. If I want that pizza and brownie I will have it...and then the next day I will probably have a salad and hit the barre :).



How did you handle epic failure? 
Teaching my first class was a bit of a disaster, I was so nervous! I learned to have confidence in myself and to focus on my strengths, and to never stop being a student.

Your go-to travel spot and why. 

Cape Cod. I’ve been going my whole life and it’s my favorite place on Earth. When I drive over the bridge I am instantly relaxed.

What’s been essential to your success?
Always being willing to learn and improve, asking for constructive criticism, and not being afraid of hard work.

All time favorite movie quote?

How do you like them apples?


From whom do you draw inspiration?
I am constantly inspired by our clients and my colleagues. Moms, wives, career women...no matter how busy these ladies are or what obstacles they’ve had to overcome to get here, they not only show up for class but they absolutely kill it! I am always touched when they share their stories with me. 


That song on your iPod you don’t want anyone to know you have.
A lot of 90’s boy bands. 98 Degrees anyone?

You’re splurging...what’s your weakness?  
I love to shop! I love clothes. It’s an issue. But what I probably spend the most money on these days is wine...I should really invest in a winery.


One thing on your bucket list. 
I just want to travel!

Celebrity dinner party: who’s there? 
I have a lot of people on this list! Definitely Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. They are strong, hilarious, down-to-earth women who aren’t afraid to be themselves (and who doesn’t love a good laugh??). And also Matt Damon and Ben Affleck...I’m a Boston girl!