From the Barre to the Boulevard: Sarah Edition


Our December It Girl is melting anything in her path! If you've been trying to beat the holiday calorie hangover then you might have experienced our weighted series designed by Sarah, this month's instructor extraordinaire. When she's not busy calculating ways to make your biceps feel that blazing burn, she's trying out fabulous fashion looks. Okay, maybe that last part isn't entirely true but she is certainly nailing the modeling thing here.


I styled Sarah in an outfit she said she wouldn't normally wear. Come again? With a chiseled physique like hers I couldn't believe she had yet to try a body-con dress! I was clearly vicariously living through her as A-line dresses are what suit me best, so getting her in this sleek, sexy meets street silhouette was a win for both of us.


As you can see they were made for each other; even right down to the slate gray color that really complemented her vibrant red locks and perfect pout. I put this together as an effortless New Year's Eve look when your attire doesn't have to be 100% fancy but you still want to pull out all the stops. Adding the leather jacket on top is a great way to utilize a piece of everyday outerwear while adding an overall edge to your ensemble. {Make sure if you try this your leather jacket is a bit on the fitted side to keep the look polished and feminine. If you put a very bulky leather on top of such a sleek style you will lose the balance.} Finishing things off with the perfect details of a killer pair of heels, glitzy bracelets and a sophisticated clutch.


PSA! If you have a very streamlined outfit like this, opt for a smaller bag. Too many times I see women with a giant handbag made for daytime/work and they will wear it out in the evening with a refined look such as this. Even if it is the best name brand {I'm looking at you Louis V and Chanel} leave it at home and go for a smaller, more cohesive accessory like a handheld or envelope clutch. The bigger bags ruin the flow of the outfit and compete with the sleekness of the outfit. So clutch a clutch! It will take your night out look to level 100.

Beyond this haute to trot NYE look, there has also been some new arrivals in the Local Barre retail department. If you're looking for leggings that pull their inspiration from the Swarovski ball that drops in Times Square, look no further. LB's uptown, west and downtown locations have these glittery bottoms and more to get you ready to sweat in style.

Night Out Look from Dear Hannah 503 Washington Street Vegan Leather Jacket -$88 | Micro Ribber Dress- $62 | Vegan Leather Clutch $32 | Bracelets $28 each

Tiffany describes herself as being style obsessed, having an affinity for all things shiny and out her budget, and living for a good dance off and Beyoncé. She is a fashion stylist based in Hoboken, NJ catering to personal wardrobe and business clients throughout the tri-state area. You can find out more about her and her styling company at