all about local barre

Local Barre® is inspired by the life of a famous Russian dancer in the 1920's and 1930's at a time when the profession was regarded as disapproving as prostitution. She created a new exercise method based on her experience with dance, and her studio was the best kept secret of the elite for decades.  Local Barre's design is a balance of vintage elements mixed with modern touches that undoubtedly creates a unique, luxurious fitness experience.  Most of all, Local Barre® was designed to be an escape for women where they can experience top level barre classes and feel like they are treating themselves to a spa-like environment with high-end amenities and concierge level service from staff.


The workout

All Local Barre® classes are carefully constructed to challenge all levels (Barre Virgin to Top Shelf Advanced) and are completely customizable for all bodies. Our signature class, Open Barre℠ is a fusion of ballet fundamentals, core conditioning, Yoga and stretching for a total body workout.  You will use lightly weighted yoga balls, stretching strap, ballet barre, playground ball, and yoga mat to achieve a lean, flexible, youthful body.

Our barre-based classes offer the benefits of core exercise throughout, aerobic fitness, strength training and flexibility/mobility focus.  Each class is accompanied by a fun, sexy playlist that will empower you to push beyond your comfort zone.

While class structure always remains consistent, your body will benefit from a new “weighted series” every month to maximize muscle usage and definition. Our amazing Barretenders℠ are there to guide your form and encourage each client to get the most out of their class - and have a fabulous time along the way.

our barretenders

Local Barre® offers the ultimate barre experience and has top level instructors (Barretenders℠) to carry that vision through. Each Barretender℠ is highly capable, having undergone extensive training before leading classes - plus bringing their varied backgrounds in dance, fitness and more. They are committed to giving high-energy, authentic barre classes with just enough je ne sais quoi that each class is a unique and inspiring workout. They know proper form is key to an effective workout, and they guide our Locals throughout every class to achieve it.