The High Without the Hangover℠

All About Local Barre

Local Barre® is inspired by the underground dance scene in the 1920s and ‘30s, during a time when the particular style of dancing that would inspire barre fitness for decades to come, was regarded as forbidden as prostitution. Influenced by the audacious life of a notorious German dancer, Local Barre® uses techniques that concentrate on specific obscured muscles for strength and flexibility training that has women of all generations flaunting the silhouette of a teenage body.


The Workout

All Local Barre® classes are carefully constructed to challenge all levels (Barre Virgin to Top Shelf Advanced) and are completely customizable for all bodies. Our signature class, Open Barre℠ is a fusion of ballet fundamentals, core conditioning, and stretching for a total body workout. Our barre-based classes offer the benefits of core exercise throughout, aerobic fitness, strength training and flexibility/mobility focus.  

While class structure always remains consistent, your body will benefit from a new “weighted series” every month to maximize muscle usage and definition. As well as the unique movements our Barretenders will bring to each class. Our top-level Barretenders℠ are there to guide your form and encourage each client to get the most out of their class.


About the owner

The original Local Barre® opened in 2010 after Jen DeMarco, co-founder and CEO, realized the need for a high-end barre studio in Hoboken. Jen became obsessed with barre while getting fit for her wedding in 2008. It was the only workout she ever looked forward to doing, but eventually tired of the commute to Manhattan. The determination to bring the best barre studio to her own beloved neighborhood, gave Jen the perfect foundation to develop the brand that is still loved by Locals a decade later. Her ambition endures to this day as her goal remains the same but with higher expectations - and a bigger family!

Jen and her husband Joe, co-founder and CFO/COO, have 3 children, and are strong supporters of the local Hoboken community through the schools, their church, and fellow small businesses.


Our Barretenders

Local Barre® offers the ultimate barre experience with top-level instructors (Barretenders℠) to carry that vision through. Each Barretender℠ has undergone extensive training before leading classes - plus bringing their varied backgrounds in dance and fitness. They are committed to giving you an inspiring workout through a high-energy, unique, and authentic barre class. They know proper form is key to an effective workout, and they guide our Locals throughout every class to achieve it.

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