When Devotion Yoga opened back in 2003, its mission was to serve the community of Hoboken by bringing the gift of yoga to our beautiful town. More than a decade later, Hoboken’s yoga community is vibrant and thriving and we are so proud to be a part of this esteemed legacy.  

The landscape of yoga has changed greatly over the past decade.  When Devotion Yoga closed this past January, it became very clear to us that Hoboken didn’t need another traditional studio offering vinyasa flow classes.  What would better serve our community are offerings that both compliment and round out what is currently available. Our mindfulness and movement classes, coaching and events are designed to help one find inner peace, balance, and wellness and to foster a deeper connection to our community. So with great excitement, we introduce Devotion360.

An Inspired Learning Space and proud new member of the Local Barre family;

Offering classes, workshops, and trainings to support mindful living

Why 360?  The number 360 represents coming full circle; life Re-purposed; life Re-imagined. At Devotion360 we strive for well-being in all areas of life, not just in the physical body. Our focus is put on a holistic perspective of living; bringing balance to the wheel of life.

Why Local Barre?  Our partnership with Local Barre began with a series of serendipitous events. As we got to know the people and the staff, we were struck by how closely our visions aligned. Local Barre’s mission of creating a supportive and nurturing environment for its clients to grow and connect, as well as its desire to positively impact the community of Hoboken really spoke to us. The idea of partnering with such authentic people was irresistible and we consider ourselves truly blessed to have this wonderful opportunity.

Things to Know.  Devotion360 will be opening on Friday, June 1st with a summer schedule of classes, workshops and events. Our events will be offered at both Local Barre studios:

  • Local Barre "West" (720 Monroe Street, 3rd Floor via the 8th street entrance)
  • Local Barre "Uptown" (1180 Maxwell Lane)

Devotion360 will have its own schedule and pricing separate from Local Barre’s current offerings. Devotion Yoga received an amazing amount of support from the yoga community when it closed its doors. In order to honor the studios that stepped in and offered a new home to Devotion Yoga clients, any outstanding packages transferred to other studios will remain in place and will not be transferable to Devotion360. But if you want a great deal on our classes we recommend checking out our Opening Promotional Pricing! We hope to see you soon!