barretender by window

Local Barre® is inspired by the life of a famous Russian dancer in the 1920's and 1930's at a time when the profession was regarded as disapproving as prostitution. She created a new exercise method based on her experience with dance and her studio was the best kept secret of the elite for decades.  Local Barre's design is a balance of vintage elements mixed with modern touches that undoubtedly creates a unique, luxurious fitness experience.  Most of all, Local Barre® was designed to be an escape for women where they can experience top level barre classes and feel like they are treating themselves to a spa like environment with high-end amenities and concierge level service from staff.


The very 1st Local Barre® opened in 2010 after Jen DeMarco, co-founder and CEO, realized the need for a high-end barre studio in Hoboken. Jen became obsessed with barre when getting fit for her wedding in 2008 but was only able to find classes in NYC. She was determined to bring the best barre studio to Hoboken as it was the only workout she herself ever truly looked forward to doing.


Local Barre® continues to offer the ultimate barre experience and has top level instructors (Barretenders℠) to carry that vision through. Each Barretender℠ is committed to giving authentic barre classes with just enough je ne sais quoi that each class is a unique and inspiring workout.